As an international speaker specializing in talks for millennials and the companies that hire them, Victoria Song has presented at the Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit, OECD, Bain & Co., Harvard Business School, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Yale College, MongoDB, New York University, and Boston University. She inspires her audiences to think big, while teaching them about awareness, intention, and how to achieve rewarding professional and personal lives.

In her talks, Victoria expertly weaves together personal anecdotes, real-world experience, thought-provoking questions, and engaging topics (e.g. breaking free of fear and the need for external validation, applying our genius to our purpose, building a fulfilling romantic partnership) to get audiences stirring in their seats and murmuring in agreement. 

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Her talks are meant to turn her audiences “on” and tune them into their own consciousness for deep personal reflection. She wants her words to be a mirror, held up so that her audience can see what she sees in each one of them: limitless potential. Her approach makes the insurmountable feel attainable and the impossible seem probable.


Professional Talks

Drawing from her Harvard Business School background, as well as her professional experience as an investor, entrepreneur, and coach, Victoria has delivered lessons on choosing your career path, for-purpose investing, the future of business, and the trends that will drive success for companies, among other topics. She’ll work with your organization to craft a custom, motivating talk that will resonate with employees and contribute to a happier, more productive workplace.


Wellness Talks

Victoria’s successes in the wellness space, including C.A.M.P, So She Did, and Shine, have driven presentations on finding your true north so that you can live a “for-purpose” life, identifying toxic patterns and learning how to break free of them, and the importance of play for adults. Contact her to discuss how she can help your group, school, panel, or conference dig deep and find their truest selves in order to live a life free of fear and full of courage.


Relationship Talks

From studying in order to attend the best schools to networking our way to the right career opportunities, we spend most of our lives preparing for our professional journey because we believe that’s what will grant us access to a happy life. Yet when it comes to choosing a life partner — arguably the most important decision we make when it comes to predictors of happiness over a lifetime — support is scarce. Victoria identified that gap and committed to hosting discussions and interactive workshops centered around building partnerships that are fulfilling and empowering. Topics include determining how to choose the right life partner, couple’s workshops, the challenges of dating for ambitious women, healthier approaches to dating, and balancing love with a demanding career.