As a young investor back in 2010, Victoria didn’t have a far-reaching network of entrepreneurs, investors or technology experts with whom she could share deal flow and notes. 

So she set about cre.png

An intimate monthly dinner where talented entrepreneurs looking to raise seed funding could meet and talk with prominent angel investors. 

At one of these dinners, she introduced Wayne Change and Jeff Seibert, two serial entrepreneurs who went on to co-found Crashlytics, a software company that has since been integrated into over one million apps. Victoria became one of their first investors, returning more than 20x her investment when the company was acquired by Twitter in 2013, just one year after its launch. In addition to Crashlytics, she’s helped companies like Tracelytics, Omni, Raden, Shine, and Parachute Home successfully establish and grow their brands.


Victoria's strength as an investor comes from her ability to understand people as people: their stories, what motivates them, and what they're trying to achieve. It all comes back to her mission of helping people live a “for-purpose” life. She sees the value not just in the investment she’s making, but also in the people behind it. 


Her talent for bring.png

More than being able to identify lucrative business opportunities and deliver quantifiable results, Victoria embraces the fact that today's consumers are driven by the “why” of a company. The founders she works with understand that doing good and making money don’t have to be mutually exclusive, and they appreciate that long after a check has been written, Victoria continues to be a guiding force in helping her founders to clearly define their mission and stick to it in the face of any obstacles that might arise.