Victoria has taken the most powerful strategies for business and personal growth and fine-tuned them specifically for successful entrepreneurs. Her work is deeper than anything that exists on the market today. She takes a 360 degree view to help her clients locate leverage points that will unleash their next level of performance.

Building a successful and fast-growing business isn’t just about personality or luck. It’s about having the right mindset, support, and tools. She helps accelerate and amplify the CEOs, founders and high-impact leaders of the fastest growing startups and pre-IPO companies.

Victoria achieves this by guiding them through her 4-Step Peak Performance Leadership Process:


Uncover blind spots, tackle fears, reprogram the mind to operate in peak performance, and build muscle memory to lead from this place.


Get clear on where client is headed and why to reverse engineer the steps needed to get there.


Set up systems and processes to hold clients accountable to operate from their highest inner leader.


Give tools to maintain clients’ newfound leadership and growth as they scale their business, team, & revenue.

As a result, these leaders are thriving in all areas of their lives as they create the products and services that change the world.

Clients happily pay for her services because they know that THIS is the investment that will 100X everything else in their life—business, relationships, health, and happiness. They are always learning and taking massive action. With Victoria, they receive care, attention, and support like they’ve never experienced before. They value that she takes a fierce stand for their highest version of themselves and accepts nothing less. She helps them build world-class cultures that become known as the best place for employees to level themselves up. Her clients become role models for all other tech companies’ leadership, success, and culture.

Thanks to the results Victoria gets her clients, companies continue to ask her to be on their board of advisors, as well as to facilitate leadership retreats and employee trainings. She’s regarded as “the resource every CEO needs in their back pocket.” Clients consistently say she’s made (or saved) them millions of dollars. Founders across Silicon Valley and beyond who are building the next unicorn companies seek her out to help them make critical decisions so they can become the next Google, Amazon, or Apple with an even better, healthier culture.


From choosing song lyrics, product endorsements, roles in movies and shows, to using their voice to speak up on issues that matter to them and being a positive role model to their audiences, celebrities work with Victoria to use their power, platform, and influence for good.

Victoria received her Executive Coaching certification through Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and International Coach Federation (ICF), and her Team Performance Coaching certification through Team Coaching International (TCI). She’s also training directly with Brene Brown through the Dare to Lead Certification. Other trainings include Organization and Relationships Systems Coaching (ORSC) and Embodied Leadership through Strozzi Institute’s Somatic Coaching.